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About St. Joseph

The first movement to organize a congregation for the Catholic people of Salisbury, Missouri was made in 1870. In 1874 Father M. Busch, the pastor at Glasgow, induced the Salisbury congregation to build the first Catholic church edifice in Salisbury. It was a frame structure situated a quarter-mile northeast of the present church site.

In 1890 Fr. John L. Gadell became the first resident pastor, and under his leadership, the present church site was purchased. A school and convent building were created on the southwest corner of the property 1891.

In 1896 Fr. John Hennes succeed Fr. Gadell to undertake the building of a new rectory and by 1903 under the pastorate of Fr. Joseph F. Lubeley the frame church was no longer adequate. On July 4, 1904, the cornerstone of a new edifice was laid.

The church, built of native sandstone, is one of the few rock churches in Missouri. On July 10, 1905, the congregation assembled for the first service in their new house of worship, which was dedicated on November 16, 1905.

Parish History was taken from Proclaiming the Good News in the Heart of Missouri written by Loretta Pastva, SND.