Prayer List

Please pray for

Christine Atterbury, Rosalyn Bange, Andy Boss, Ronnie Chrisman, Tommy Davis, Gaila Donaldson, Raymond Enyeart, Father Ameco, Paul Fogelsong, Edna Fischer, Cleo Hulett, Ryan James, Billie Lou Kunkel, Erin Main, Susie McGuire, Dean Meyer, Katherine Penrod, Cheryl Penton, Shelly Schrader, Tyra Schwartz, Jennifer Staton,  DeLaina Summerfield, Terry Sturm, Curtis Wienhaus, Brad Woodworth, Sharon Young.

Do you know of someone who needs prayers?


Sara Kindhart 388-6710, Dorothy Young 388-6306, Joyce Cook 388-5462/788-3668

Or call the rectory: 388-5590